Hi. I'm Charlie. I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, part time animator, guitar player, daydreamer, eater of pizza, Godzilla fan but most importantly a husband and a father.

With my illustrations, I work hard to find a fresh perspective and create multi-layered, conceptual work that resonates with the audience long after they have turned the page, left the building and got on with the business of living. 

I was born and raised in Kentucky. I graduated from Cincinnati Academy of Design and worked in Cincinnati for many years. I now live in France with my wife and daughter.

My work has been recognized by The American Illustration Awards, The AOI World Illustration Awards, the American Advertising Federation, the Independent Publisher Awards, Illustrati magazine, Pantone Gallery and CNBC's top beer labels.

+33 619 306 972

List of clients:
Scientific American, Grey Advertising, La Vie, Mad Tree Brewing, Molecular Metabolism, Nature Neuroscience, Cell, Neuron, Smithsonian Online, Shake It Records, Inserm, Chunklet Magazine, Dojo Gelato, Neurocentre Magendie, Happen Inc. and Curiosity advertising.

Here's what some of my clients say about me:

"Charlie is able to convey difficult scientific material in succinct and clever graphics that are far more creative and innovative than what one sees on traditional scientific journals. His illustrations consistently get enthusiastic feedback from the authors, the editorial board, and our readers."  Silke Morin - Managing Editor,  Molecular Metabolism

"Charlie is the consummate storyteller and his work is almost magical. Charlie is highly ethical and personable... simply a joy to collaborate and work with. You will find no one better." Matt Fischer - Owner, Chief Creative Officer, Curiosity Advertising

“Charlie is an artist of the highest order because at the core he's a storyteller. No matter what he's creating, storyboarding, illustrating, writing, animating – Charlie dimensionalizes it the same way a novelist populates a fictional universe: with passion and purpose and persistence.“
Troy Hitch -  Chief Innovation Officer,  Barefoot Proximity

"Beneath his humble presence, Charlie has a rare imagination that never seems to stop. He understands people -- adults and children alike -- and knows how to touch them through art. The perfect combination of playful and professional."   
Lori Dierig - author of Runaway Imagination

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